“Take and eat; this is my body.” MT 26:26

“Take and eat; this is my body.” MT 26:26

Friday, 1 December 2017


We're just about the enter the Liturgical Season of Advent. It's a time of great importance for all Catholics. With a quick look at why, here are a couple of excerpts from the Catechism of the Catholic Church:

522 The coming of God's Son to earth is an event of such immensity that God willed to prepare for it over centuries. He makes everything converge on Christ: all the rituals and sacrifices, figures and symbols of the "First Covenant".195 He announces him through the mouths of the prophets who succeeded one another in Israel. Moreover, he awakens in the hearts of the pagans a dim expectation of this coming. 
524 When the Church celebrates the liturgy of Advent each year, she makes present this ancient expectancy of the Messiah, for by sharing in the long preparation for the Savior's first coming, the faithful renew their ardent desire for his second coming.200 By celebrating the precursor's birth and martyrdom, the Church unites herself to his desire: "He must increase, but I must decrease."201

Beautiful! That's your catechesis, here's the cooking. It's a clip from Rachel Khoo's BBC show The Little Paris Kitchen: Cooking with Rachel Khoo. And, since it's Friday, we're talking about a quick and easy recipe for Pan-fried sole. The ingredients are simple and so is the technique. Why make fish difficult?

The Little Paris Kitchen: Cooking with Rachel Khoo (BBC)

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